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DRY-CLEAN 1-2-3 Testimonials

Dear staff of 123,

I know I came in ranting and raving on Monday but left with a smile on Thursday.  I really thought my brand new suit was ruined.   Like I explained, my best friend ran over it by mistake (sure).   But, what a fantastic job you did.  Even the button you replaced matches exactly.  Thanks, especially to Susan at the counter for taking care of everything.

Lawrence Jordan
'One Happy Customer'

My clothes look and feel great. I want to thank your staff for the great care and service, not only for my belongings but myself also.  My folks suggested your business, they were right once again. Thanks again, and we’ll see you all soon.
Best Regards

Dryclean 123 Owner(s),

We just needed to write and tell you how pleased we have been with your service.  We had been taking our drycleaning to a store a little closer but when I changed jobs, your location was a bit more convenient.  The very first time I brought back my husbands shirts he noticed a difference.  Apparently the collars were all pressed perfectly, a problem he had learned to put up with from the other cleaners for at least 3 years!    And when I brought in our comforter last week...It came out like new.  Great service all the way around.     

So, thanks for making me look good.  Just to let you know I have told most of our  neighbors about DryClean 123.  There has to be some sort of referral fee!!


Mildred C. Thaller   

Seriously, thank you so much for the all the services you provide for our students and school.  Special thanks DryClean123 Staff Members for that perfect press and fast services!  We couldn’t have asked for a better company to take care of our uniforms and do business with. DryClean123 truly has the golden touch!

Thank you

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